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Empower your customers to complete forms, update information, provide NPS ratings and more, all from their inbox.

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What's in the template pack?

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What's in the Pack

Stunning dropdown menusContact Us Form DemoMulti-Step FormNPS Score (yes, really) πŸ‘‰Credit Card Update FormAnd a few surprises πŸŽ‰

All without leaving your inbox.

Ships August 2019

How It Works

1) Download the template
2) Replace the filler text with your own brand's.
3) Load it up in a supported email provider and fire away.

Higher engagement, guaranteed.

Customers can finally interact and complete actions in their inbox. A better experience for them and you.

Don't waste your customer's time.

Dynamic (AMP) emails load quickly and enable your users to complete actions without leaving their inbox.

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